What is hair porosity?

What is hair porosity?

Every hair is more or less porous. What is hair porosity ? How do you know if your hair is low porosity or high porosity ?

The level of porosity of the hair is its capacity to absorb and hold moisture. It is determined by the form of the cuticles which establish the hair. The scales of your hair are more or less opened. Ideally, they must be tight while being slightly opened so that your hair can absorb moisture.

That is what porosity is : it’s the capacity of your hair to be a permeable material, capable of getting hydration, and the level of opening of scales.

The porosity of your hair can be low, normal or high.

Hair, when it is healthy, presents slightly opened cuticles which allow it to breathe and hydrate, we talk about normal porosity.

The porosity of your hair can evolve in time and can be affected by your haircare routine as well as the environment (pollution, hair straightener, tints, etc.). It can make your hair porosity level vary, either improving it or deteriorating it. A too high or a too low porosity could be the result.

Certain haircare which suits high porosity hair won’t work at all for low porosity hair. That is why knowing your porosity level and understand your own hair will allow you to adapt your haircare routine for the best.

There are three main levels of hair porosity

Hair with Low porosity

low-porosity-productsThe scales are very closed, perfectly smoothed and aligned but the hair doesn’t absorb hydration. Indeed when scales are too tight the water slides above, as if the hair was waterproof. If your hair takes a very long time getting soaked with water under the shower, and doesn’t dry fast enough, it can be a sign of low porosity.More info about hair with low porosity
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Hair with Medium porosity

medium-porosity-productsThe scales are very smooth but not too tight. This hair type allows hydration to enter and doesn’t let too much escape. Medium porosity hair take well the water and dry rather slowly. This hair is generally rather dry.More info about hair with medium porosity
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Hair with High porosity

high-porosity-categoryThe scales are wide open which means the hair absorbs too much hydration. It is usually the result of a damaged hair fiber, due to environmental factors, chemical treatments (repeated coloring…) or even bad haircare routine. High porosity hair is like a sponge: it absorbs and rejects moisture as quickly. More info about hair width high porosity
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