Good tips and advices about hair porosity

What is hair porosity

What is hair porosity?

What is hair porosity? Every hair is more or less porous. What is hair porosity ? How do you know if your hair is low porosity or high porosity ? The level of porosity of the hair is its capacity to absorb and hold moisture. It is determined by the form of the cuticles which […]

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Moisturizing high porosity hair

What is high porosity? Hair with high porosity has too loose cuticles and let’s hydration escape too quickly. Moisture penetrates the hair easily, but escapes also easily since the cuticles are damaged. Ways to tell you have high porosity Your hair is damaged from harsh chemicals, dye or bleach You often use harsh shampoos that […]

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Moisturizing low porosity hair

What is low porosity? Hair with low porosity has compact cuticles and resists moisturization. It is the reason why low porosity hair has difficulty remaining hydrated even after a deep care. Ways to tell you have low porosity Your hair is always dry no matter how often you moisturize Water beads up on your hair Your […]

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