Moisturizing low porosity hair

What is low porosity?

Hair with low porosity has compact cuticles and resists moisturization. It is the reason why low porosity hair has difficulty remaining hydrated even after a deep care.

Ways to tell you have low porosity

  • Your hair is always dry no matter how often you moisturize
  • Water beads up on your hair
  • Your hair takes a long time to dry
  • Your hair is very resistant to dye and other chemicals
  • Your hair looks healthy but doesn’t have much elasticity or volume
  • Products sit on your hair

How to take care of low porosity hair?

Use a pre poo treatment: It is used as an extra step in natural hair care regimens. Cover the hair with a plastic cap for 30 minutes to maintain heat and allow the light oils to penetrate even deeper.

Clarify your hair: Low porosity hair is prone to build-up from protein-rich deep conditioning products. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove the build up and give your hair a fresh start.

Use a conditioner containing only light vegetable oils: Light vegetable oils are capable of penetrating the tightest cuticles of low porosity hair.

Moisturize daily: Use water-based moisturizers with aloe vera juice and light oils in it.

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