Moisturizing high porosity hair

What is high porosity?

Hair with high porosity has too loose cuticles and let’s hydration escape too quickly. Moisture penetrates the hair easily, but escapes also easily since the cuticles are damaged.

Ways to tell you have high porosity

  • Your hair is damaged from harsh chemicals, dye or bleach
  • You often use harsh shampoos that strip the hair
  • You are a flat iron or hair dryer addict
  • Your hair dries quickly
  • Your hair is dry even though you moisturize it often
  • Your hair is often exposed to the sun

How to take care of high porosity hair?

Use a pre poo treatment: If you have high porosity hair you should make sure that you use a blend of oils containing heavy oils listed in the top five ingredients.

Clarify your hair: Use only very soft and sulfate free shampoo.

Use a conditioner containing heavy vegetable oils and butters: You should provide your hair with heavy vegetable oils and butters that will seal hydration and proteins to restore your hair and reduce its porosity.

Seal moisture: Heavy oils can help seal in the moisture that your hair soaks up without releasing it back to the air. With Blackista products, your hair care regimen is a successfull if you have hair is highly porous.

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