High Porosity Hair Products


High porosity hair tips

We talk about high porosity when cuticles are too loose and lets hydration escape too quickly. The hair becomes dry and brittle. Hydration penetrates the hair easily, but escapes also easily since the cuticles are damaged. Permanent waving, uncurling, and hair dye products will have a faster and stronger effect on very porous hair, but will also fade faster. Very porous hair has been damaged by an abuse of chemical products or by heat. You should provide your hair with heavy vegetable oils and butters that will seal hydration such as shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, avocado butter, sweet almond oil or castor oil. Using products rich in proteins is necessary to restore your hair and to reduce its porosity. Using soft shampoos with an acid pH under 5 will tighten the cuticles and maintain hydration.